The risk of motorcyclists suffering severe injuries if they’re involved in a crash is immense. By the very nature of these accidents they’re more likely to cause lasting harm to the rider as opposed to a car-on-car collision. Luckily, making a claim for these injuries is made much easier should you choose a specialist motorcycle accident lawyer.

The young motorcyclist was proceeding along a road in Birmingham when a car pulled out of a side street, hitting his left side. He was thrown from his bike and helped to the side of the road by a passer-by where he waited for the paramedics to arrive. He’d suffered a number of injuries in the collision, including muscle damage to his shoulder, back and chest. At the hospital, he had an MRI scan which revealed a complex injury to the posterior cruciate ligament in his knee.

Motorcycle accident claims often involve serious or complex injuries due to the lack of protection afforded to the rider. This is nothing to worry about in terms of claiming – a specialist motorcycle accident lawyer will have seen plenty of these injuries and know exactly how to handle claiming for them.

Liability was admitted by the car’s insurers, so our client could focus on recovering from his serious knee injury. He wore a knee brace for four months and attended physiotherapy to speed up his recovery. In combination with his back injury, it was causing him plenty of problems with not being able to do things around the house or bend over at work.

After continuing on his long road to recovery, a further MRI scan was performed almost three years after his accident. The experts assured him that his severe knee injury was healing, although it’d be up to five years before he would fully recover. This was assessed to be roughly the same recovery period as his back injury.

We negotiated for a settlement of £16,500 in compensation to our client. With complex ligament injuries, the damage may take years to heal fully much like our client’s did in this case. We advise that you choose a specialist motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you if you’re ever unfortunate enough to suffer a severe injury. An expert will have experience in dealing with this kind of injury and will be able to offer guidance for your personal injury claim.