A loss of earnings claim is compensation for the wages you’ve missed out on after an accident. This could be for anything from a few days’ worth of pay to months of lost earnings. This understandably has a massive impact on anyone’s finances. Paired with painful injuries this can be tough to bear. You can instruct personal injury solicitors to recover your loss of earnings as part of your claim – something which one of our clients recently did to retrieve the wages he’d lost after his accident at work.

Accident at work claim

The client in this case had used us for an accident at work claim before. When he slipped in grease at work and banged his head on the floor, he decided to come to us again as he’d been impressed with the service the first time. Luckily he was wearing a safety helmet at the time so his head remained unharmed – however, he still suffered with neck and back injuries.

Slip at work

From slipping on a wet floor to being in a road accident, you can make a claim.

Liability was admitted by our client’s employer, as they’d failed to uphold their duty of care towards him. The grease on the floor was not cleaned and no signs were left out despite them being aware of its presence. Thankfully the fault was admitted and no time was wasted in gathering evidence to support this.

The physiotherapy our client required was paid for by his employers’ insurers. He commented that the physiotherapist we put him in touch with was much better than the NHS counterpart he’d been assigned. This helped him to make a speedier recovery to full health.

Loss of earnings

His loss of earnings for the time he had off work as a result of the accident was also paid in full. This is a vital part of any accident claim involving time off work. The purpose of a personal injury claim is to compensate an innocent victim for their injuries and to put them in the position financially they would have been if the accident hadn’t occurred. This means out of pocket expenses, such as transport to and from medical appointments and the cost of physio, are recovered as part of a compensation claim.

Losing a week or two of wages can often mean a struggle to pay the bills at the end of the month, so we’re glad to have helped our client with his loss of earnings claim. If you’ve had an accident at work and want to claim for your loss of earnings, click here for more information.