Due to our experience as motorbike accident lawyers, clients often transfer their cases to us so that we can deal with their claim for compensation. This is a case in which our client transferred his motorbike accident claim to us as we ‘came highly recommended’. We strive to offer an excellent service so that our clients will come back to us in the future or recommend their friends to use us. Having a specialty in motorbike accidents, we’re keen to help anyone making a motorbike accident claim recover the compensation they’re entitled to.

Our client in this case was riding his motorcycle and approaching a roundabout. As a car was proceeding around the roundabout, our client stopped and gave way. As he was stationary, a taxi behind him failed to brake in time and ploughed into the back of his bike. The impact knocked our client from the motorcycle and he fell backwards onto the tarmac. He hit his head, neck and shoulder with some force and was knocked unconscious as a result.

He sustained a back injury and some minor injuries to his legs but these were not the injuries which troubled our client most. He had severe pain in the right shoulder and aching in the right arm coupled with paraesthesia. The right arm was weakened as a result of the accident and he woke several times during nights due to the aches. Surgery was performed on our client’s shoulder but unfortunately this didn’t cure his symptoms.

Our client was medically examined by an upper limb specialist who advised that sadly our client’s shoulder was likely to be permanently restricted in its movement. The motorbike accident claims we deal with can often include injuries such as this so our experience is valuable in negotiating with the insurance company regarding injuries such as these. We managed to settle this motorbike accident claim for over £17,500 in total. We hope that this compensation goes some way in allowing our client to move on from his accident.