In dealing with so many personal injury claims, we have inevitably come across some cases with an uncooperative defendant. This can take a number of forms, from a hit-and-run driver to an employer who hasn’t completed a mandatory accident report. Occasionally we do see some bizarre behaviour, such was the case in this motorcycle accident claim.

The accident happened as our client was proceeding along the road on his motorbike when the defendant, travelling in the opposite direction, turned right across his path without looking. Our client was unable to stop in time and collided with the vehicle, being thrown over the handlebars of his bike and on to the road.

Details were exchanged at the roadside and both parties went their separate ways. When our client decided to proceed with his motorcycle accident claim through us, we submitted his case through to the insurers of the other vehicle. Our client was understandably nonplussed when the response was received that the driver had not reported the accident and was in turn questioning where he obtained her details!

As our client was able to provide a full description of the driver and we explained to her insurers about the roadside exchange of details, defeating this strange denial was simple. Although we were able to easily disprove the fraud allegations on this occasion, it does seem problematic that some drivers are attempting to deny others legitimate claims because they don’t want to pay a little extra for their insurance that year.

Regardless, we were able to prove our client’s case and the driver eventually admitted liability for the motorcycle accident. We’d advise anybody involved in an accident and thinking of making a motorcycle accident claim to make sure they note down everything they can about the accident and the other party. This information can help in identifying the other driver in the case that this becomes an issue.