With motorcycle season getting into full swing, we’d like to remind all motorcycle riders to be cautious out on the road. A dry, sunny day can be just the thing to make a rider want to get out and about on their bike. However, just because the roads seem to be in prime condition does not necessarily mean they’re going to be safe.

We acted recently for a motorcycle pillion passenger who was taken out for a ride by her husband. The journey was going well until her husband suddenly lost control of the bike as it was travelling at 45mph. It was suspected by police that the loss of control may have been caused by a patch of spilt oil on the road.

They both fell from the bike, our client’s husband thankfully receiving no significant injuries. Our client herself suffered serious injuries in the motorbike accident and was hospitalised for several weeks. Being a pillion passenger she had her helmet and protective clothing on but little else to protect her in the event of a road traffic accident.

The left side of her body bore the brunt of the damage, with a broken ankle, broken shoulder blade, broken collar bone, nine broken ribs and a puncture to her lung among the injuries. After her release from hospital she was confined to a wheelchair for 8 weeks.

Our client and her husband decided to seek compensation for her injuries through his insurance. We recovered £37,500 in respect of her pillion passenger personal injury claim after negotiation with the insurer. This compensated her for both the injuries she’d suffered and losses such as her damaged helmet and clothing.

This should serve as a warning to those who head out on their motorcycles into the warmer weather, especially those with passengers. Hazards can appear at any time and motorcyclists must be vigilant to avoid them as best they can.