The road to recovery after a pillion passenger is involved in an accident can be a long one. In addition to the usual dangers posed to a motorcycle rider, there is a lack of control over what the pillion passenger can do to avoid the accident. This can lead to psychological symptoms in the form of phobias or severe anxiety. Further, a passenger may not be able to see the danger or brace for an impact. This gives any accident the potential to cause severe injuries – not just collisions as this case will show.

This pillion passenger claim began as our client was travelling with her partner on an A-road. Her partner had over 35 years of biking experience, but what happened next made an accident unavoidable. A tipping truck was joining the A-road at a junction but failed to stop, pulling out in front of the motorcycle. The rider skidded to avoid a collision with the truck, causing the bike to fall sideways and throw him and our client under the truck. Luckily, she managed to roll out of the way of a truck tyre which came dangerously close to her head.

Whilst she was certainly lucky in that she didn’t sustain a fatal injury, our client’s injuries were severe. She damaged muscles in her arm and elbow, suffered extensive bruising and developed pain to her chest. Two symptoms in particular caused pain and discomfort for a long period after the accident: a fracture of her vertebra and a wrist injury which affected her gripping power. She’d also developed a phobia in relation to travelling as a passenger, as diagnosed by a clinical psychologist.

The seriousness of pillion passenger claims means that they must be handled with care. Professional legal advice must be sought so that the victim is fully compensated for every element of their loss. This includes things such as claims for loss of earnings, care and assistance and damaged clothing. Pillion passengers can be put under pressure to settle quickly by insurance companies due to the seriousness of their injuries so it is vital to get advice from a specialist personal injury solicitor.

Our client was awarded a sum in excess of £15,000. We’re glad to have been of help to her in this difficult period. Hopefully her compensation will allow her to get past her accident and receive treatment to help in her recovery.