We recently settled a case for a charming client who had been traumatised by being involved in a road traffic accident in which someone died. Our client was stationary in her vehicle with another car waiting behind her when a drunk driver travelling at around 60 mph collided with the rear vehicle.

Although she escaped with remarkably few physical injuries, the accident scene was horrific with a passenger in another vehicle dying upon impact and our client simply could not deal with the accident as she suffered intrusive symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Due to her condition she could not face claiming and so left matters. Fortunately a local client persuaded her to come to see us just days before the expiry of the 3 year limitation period for claiming. We dropped everything to get protective proceedings issued and from there built the evidence to prove her psychological injuries.

We are glad to report that with CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) any lingering effects of the accident have gone and our client now trauma free and has been adequately compensated despite nearly leaving her claim too late.