We are proud of a case we won on behalf of a production worker at a car plant. The client came to us through recommendation of a previous client which is always thrilling for us to know we must have done a good job.

The case was actually very minor with our client dropping a component on to his foot. The component only weighed 5kg but we argued that its design made it so hard to handle that the risk of it falling was too high and was an obvious one.

Our client sustained a very painful but thankfully short lasting injury to his foot. We fought the cases as it is always our belief that workers are entitled to go to work and return at night in one piece and if that doesnt happen then something has probably gone wrong.

We received a complete denial and a vicious defence of the case that had to go all the way to trial where we won on a 100% basis the client receiving £1500. Whilst this is a small case it was vital to the client and his colleagues. The process in the factory has now been changed to make the risk of injury less because of this case and we a rightly proud of that outcome. It is right to claim for injuries in the workplace to make sure employers attend to health and safety issues seriously.