As injuries sustained in an accident can quite often include lacerations or burns, it’s no surprise that you can make a scarring injury claim. The point of a claim for scarring is to compensate you for any pain or permanent numbness around the area, plus the anxiety and embarrassment caused by the unsightly scar itself. This is even more important with regards to facial scarring injuries, as these generally have a higher psychological impact on the victim than those whose scars are in less visible places.

Scarring can occur through a laceration, burning or exposure of the skin to dangerous chemicals. These scars can act as reminders to the victim of their accident. Fortunately, the compensation achieved when a scarring injury claim is settled can be used to fund plastic surgery if that is what the victim wants to do. Removing or hiding the scarring will go some way to helping them get past their accident and improve their self-confidence.

A recent client of ours had an element of scarring included within his claim. He had been involved in a scooter accident when a car turned right across his path, causing him to hit the car and be thrown from his scooter on to the road. Our client suffered from neck and back pain after the accident, in addition to some extensive bruising. A laceration on his leg eventually became a scar and a ‘dint’ in his back showed no signs of going away.

We obtained photos of both his leg scarring and back deformity in order to submit these as part of his scarring compensation claim. When it comes to scarring claims, the defendant’s insurers and solicitors often request evidence of the scars to determine the size and location of each one. This obviously helps in terms of valuing the scarring injury so is essential in order for a victim to recover the full amount they’re entitled to.

With the photographic evidence we were able to prove the extent of our client’s scarring and a sizeable proportion of his final compensation was made up of the scarring element of his claim. We’re glad to have helped him successfully settle his scarring injury claim.