Acting on behalf of a pillion passenger on her husband’s motorcycle we had a stunning turnaround on a “distressed” personal injury case taken over from other solicitors.

The client had severe injuries to her lower leg being a degloving injury where a large amount of soft tissue was traumatically removed from her lower leg. Both parties were at fault but one of the insurers agreed to deal with the claim. The problem however was that the original solicitors had done little if anything in the first two and a half years of the claim. We had to take urgent action to prepare the case to issue court proceedings within the 3 year limitation period and to fully investigate the client’s losses.

Fortunately, despite the injuries, our client was very stoical and even though she changed employment due to mobility problems she ended up on more money so this limited her actual losses.

We did however arrange extensive rehabilitation to assist her and achieved an award to fully compensate her for her experience. It was as pleasure to deal with such a deserving and delightful client with whom we developed a great working relationship. This was particularly pleasing given that she actually lived more than 200 miles away but as we always promise clients distance was no object and we met often. Both she and her husband, who are very active in the motorcycling world, have referred many more clients to us.