It seems that everywhere you turn a new beauty salon opens up and quite often they seem to close just as quickly. As expert injury lawyers we are dealing with a growing number of claims for compensation from negligent beauty treatments that range from catastrophic to minor injuries.

One such case concerned a client from Chester who went to a new salon for wax treatment to her eyebrows. The young beauty therapist had obviously not been properly trained to test the temperature of the product and applied the wax at a temperature where discomfort and burning would occur.

Sure enough our client immediately felt pain and was left with superficial burns to her eyelids, a very upsetting and painful experience.

We advised  our client that the prospects of success on her case were excellent as it was just not acceptable that such a simple treatment should end up causing a visible injury. The problem in this type of case however is that some beauty salons concentrate more on attracting customers than putting their house in order by investing in training and importantly public liability insurance.

The search for insurance thankfully proved fruitful and we were able to find an insurer who quickly settled the claim for minor burn injuries following a waxing treatment.

Fortunately our client achieved a full recovery very quickly and was properly compensated for her short period of suffering.