We recently secured what we consider to be a fantastic award of compensation for a troubling but very common injury.

Our client was travelling along a major road in Liverpool when a vehicle failed to give way and struck the nearside of her vehicle causing substantial damage. Fortunately no bones were broken but the she was traumatised by what was a very frightening collision. Pain in her neck and back became worse in the days following the accident and her worry and anxiety also worsened.

Our outgoing client had trouble with travel following the accident needing some sessions of counselling and other help to deal with the intrusive thoughts and to help her overcome her profound travel anxiety.

The examining Doctors thought that both her physical and emotional injuries would resolve within one year from the date of the accident which is quite a common prognosis period. Normally for the physical aspect of this injury some courts would award less so we were delighted when we secured sufficient compensation to properly reflect the trauma aspect suffered by our client which is a component of road traffic injuries that is often overlooked.

A really good result for this client and one that we can use for the benefit of future clients as a point of reference and comparison.