Our client was travelling behind a van after completing “the school run” in a 30mph zone. The road then opened up into a 60mph zone. Carefully – our client indicated, moved out and went to overtake the van on what was now a dual carriageway.

As his car entered the “blind spot” just by the rear offside quarter of the van the driver pulled out quickly to overtake the car in front without indication or warning and into collision with our client’s vehicle giving him no chance.

Liability was quickly established and a medical report obtained showing the client had whiplash type injuries to neck, back and shoulders requiring up to 10 sessions of physiotherapy and a prognosis period of 6-9 months post accident. We secured an award for personal injury compensation of £3000 for this multi-site injury.

This case shows how a quick glance over your right shoulder, a manoeuvre called a “life saver” by bikers is essential before pulling out to overtake just to check there is not a vehicle in your blind spot.