Happy clients make it all worthwhile!

As owner of a solicitors practice work is often so busy and intense that I rarely have time to pause and think what it is all about. Yes sure this is a business and must prosper to survive but we can never forget the human aspect of what we are dealing with; the traumatic after effects of an accident and real suffering by real people.

I remember the AA using the strap line “the fourth emergency services” and eventually having to ditch it because it became so successful it impinged upon the company’s aim to broaden its business to insurance and other areas. I sincerely believe we, as personal injury lawyers dealing with the aftermath of accidents could truly claim the mantel vacated by them. In other words we should be the next call when the dust has settled following any accident but to become the fourth emergency service we must at all times act like one and give the best client service we can. It is truly heartening to me when clients appreciate what we do and write testimonials like this:-

Hi Sharon.

Just a quick line to say a huge thank you to yourself and the team at Lamkin & Co. From the initial inquiry with your company to see if I had a viable claim to the final out come of receiving my compensation payment, excellent service !!  I would have no hesitation to use and recommend Lampkin & Co in the future” Mr C

I will forgive this lovely client from misspelling my surname wrongly once for the great comments to a member of my team who has been here 8 years and is truly dedicated to her job.

And literally as I was typing this testimonial this email arrived:-

Hi Mark, I’ve just got home from work and opened your E-mail. Well, I can tell you that it was like a dream come true !!  My wife and I can’t believe what you have managed to achieve in such a short time and the impact it has had on our lives , as it has been a huge cloud hanging over us both for months !!  Thanks again for your time and expertise , Kindest Regards , Tony

Proud of what we do, is an understatement.