A prolonged period away from work is obviously likely to impact on your finances. In the case of a serious accident at work, it may be a long time before you’re fit enough to return. The majority of our clients simply want to get back to work and put it all behind them. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to do so. We represented a client whose injuries had forced him out of work for over 3 years; thankfully, he managed to get through this difficult period and find a new job.


Our client had come to us after having suffered a severe back injury at work. He’d been moving a small bag of concrete from his van when he tripped on an exposed lead. He landed on his back after the fall and came to us once he’d realised the seriousness of his injury. Our client had been to hospital for scans on his back which revealed that 2 of the vertebrae in his spine had slipped. He had numerous spinal injections to treat the pain, but these didn’t help. His doctor had decided that the only thing to do for him at this point would be surgery. Over 2 years after his accident, our client had a spinal fusion operation to fix the slipped vertebrae back into place.


As the client’s employer had admitted liability for the accident, our job was primarily to get the right amount of compensation for our client and recover his losses. He had initially received pay from his employer whilst off work but this soon stopped, as did his statutory sick pay. We managed to successfully retrieve a couple of interim payments from the defendant to help with our client’s finances, as he had no income by this point. This is often a feature of a claim where a client has been off work for an extended period. Despite wanting and needing to get back to work, their injuries prevent them from doing so. Our client’s doctors and GP in this case had signed him off for a period of over 3 years in total due to his back injury.


We obtained a report from a specialist orthopaedic expert who had reviewed our client’s medical and hospital records. The expert commented that the client may never fully recover from his accident and may have to live with the back pain from now on. He also said that the client was unlikely to be able to be employed doing manual work at any point in the future. This report allowed us to prove that our client’s condition had been brought on by the accident. When we submitted this, the defendant tried to deny that the injury had been solely caused by the fall. They wanted to instruct another specialist to examine the client again; thankfully, the court had seen through their attempt to avoid paying a portion of our client’s compensation and denied their request.


We ultimately managed to settle this personal injury claim for over £35,000 on behalf of our client after negotiation with the defendant. Our client was thankfully able to put his accident at work behind him and although he wasn’t able to continue in the same line of work, he has taken up lighter duties in a new job.