An accident at work can happen for any one of a variety of reasons: lack of signage for spills, inadequate training and a lack of equipment to name but a few. Often these incidents could have been prevented by simple safety procedures. Whilst these are more difficult to manage when the work is being carried out away from the employer’s premises (such as workers hired for removal jobs), they still need to be in place. Safety procedures can prevent incidents such as that of one of our recent clients.

Our client was a crane operator, hired to carry out moving work at an external site. When de-rigging the crane by himself at the end of the day, a hydraulic extension shot out and trapped his hand between it and the floor. An onlooker noticed that our client was bleeding through his glove and fetched the first aider. When the glove was removed, it was discovered that the impact had severed the tip of our client’s finger. After being taken to the hospital, he was told that unfortunately the doctors could not reattach his fingertip.

As can sadly be the case in cases such as these, our client found performing his duties much harder post-accident. Due to this he left his job and got a new one that did not require any lifting or strenuous work with his hands. We put forward that the safety procedures in place were inadequate and that due to this our client had suffered an injury which would have a lasting effect. After much negotiation, we succeeded in obtaining compensation for our client in the sum of £10,000, a result he was delighted with. As this example shows, an accident at work can prove to be a hindrance even in the years after the fateful incident. Be sure to receive quality legal advice – it could very well make the difference if you’re ever unfortunate enough to suffer an injury which will have a lasting effect.