Acting on behalf of a hospital laundry worker we secured an appropriate award of compensation for an avoidable back injury at work suffered by our client.

Our client sustained her back injury whilst dealing with a consignment of curtains in her hospital laundry role. As such heavy items were not a usual work practice the normal laundry “cages” had to be used to collect and move them. This meant that the cages were overloaded with heavy items and these fell onto our client knocking her to the floor and sustain a moderate injury to her lower back and coccyx.

Whilst the injury could be described as minor, we are well aware that a workplace injury to the coccyx is amongst the most painful of injuries and attracts a reasonable amount of compensation in court.

The case was hard fought by our client’s employers who alleged that our client was the “author of her own misfortune” as she exposed herself to danger.

We used legal arguments and previously decided cases to overcome a spirited defence of the case. Our specialist industrial accident department keep constantly updated as to developing health and safety law and procedure and use this to prove employer’s liability in a range of complicated workplace accident claims that come to us due to our reputation.

It is now more important than ever that workers injured in the workplace seek professional help as the present Government has tightened the law in relation to shopfloor injuries. The legal environment for making a winning work accident claim has changed but we advise anyone affected to contact us for a free consultation about any work accident.