Back injury is a very common result of an accident at work. In fact, according to data from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in 2010/11, of the 116,808 reported injuries 21,184 of these were to the back. This is almost double the number of the next most prevalent injury: upper limb. It’s also worrying to hear that the HSE believe many of these accidents are unreported. It’s estimated that just over half of all employee injuries are reported and sustainably less for the self-employed. It is therefore understandable that we deal with a large amount of back injury claims.


These can also be among the most serious injuries we deal with, as an injury to the back can involve spinal damage. All kinds of complications can arise when the spine is injured, as the spinal cord may be affected which can cause lower and upper body nerve damage.


A case we dealt with in this vein involved a man who suffered a back injury at work whilst on a crane carrying out repairs. He and his colleague travelled back to their van to retrieve a new shaft, which weighted just under 100kg. They were carrying it up flights of steps as instructed using straps when our client felt a sharp pain in his back after putting it down. After the pain continued to worsen he went to see a doctor who diagnosed a disc protrusion. This meant a disc in his back was pressing against his spinal cord, causing severe pain in his back, leg and foot.


Surgery was required to correct his disc protrusion but he was still left with recurrent aches in his leg and back. Our client decided to come to us for help with his claim. We submitted his claim and medical evidence to his former employers’ insurers and eventually settled his claim for back injury and the associated pains for a total of £42,000.