Acting for factory worker in the North West we are delighted at achieving an award for a back injury in a workplace accident. The case was originally difficult as our client sustained his injury whilst working alone in the stores.

Normally he would be surrounded by work colleagues but on this occasion he wasn’t and this contributed to the danger of this accident at work happening.

The client was trying to move a mattress from a stock pile when other mattresses were dislodge and fell on him. He sustained a wrenching type injury to his back which eventually was diagnosed as a prolapsed disc and this required a small operation.

Initially we advised our client to wait until over a year had passed since the operation to allow the examining Doctors to be able to form a definitive prognosis. Quite often the Doctors will recommend this wait and see approach however we fully understand that in these hard economic times workers just don’t have that luxury of being able to wait.

Despite our misgivings and advice our client instructed us to achieve the best award possible on the evidence. We then doubled our efforts and managed to establish liability and secure a life changing sum for our client.

He was delighted and since the settlement we are delighted to report that his has recovered from his back injury at work in line with the Doctor’s prognosis so he made a good decision to settle and he is now back working at full capacity.

Accidents at work often involve back injuries mainly from carrying excessive loads or twisting repetitively. Employers owe their workers a high duty of care and if they don’t do that we are here to hold them to account for any workplace injury.