Safety equipment is an absolutely vital requirement for any workplace. Construction and engineering workplaces in particular will require specialist equipment for their employees. The lack of adequate safety equipment is a massive cause of accidents in the workplace. We have represented a huge number of clients who have been injured at work due to their employers overlooking the simple things which would have avoided any sort of accident. One such case was caused by a lack of knee pads in an engineering workshop.


Our client had been carrying out work as an installation engineer at the time of his accident. Throughout the duration of his employment he was required to kneel on hard flooring. It was on one occasion of grinding a metal frame whilst kneeling on the floor that our client felt a ‘pop’ in his knee as he stood. His knee was locked and he couldn’t move it. Our client saw the first aider immediately who told him to go to hospital, after which he was taken by a colleague.


The hospital performed an MRI scan on our client’s knee, which confirmed that he had sustained a tear to the meniscus of his knee. He was unable to bear any weight on this and relied on crutches to get around. He eventually had to have arthroscopic surgery on the injury to correct his knee, but he was unfortunately still left with pain in his knee.


The accident report of the defendant company contained numerous errors. They also stated that knee pads had been available to all employees on site. This was clearly false and we were able to obtain statements from our client’s colleagues that they had never been supplied with the safety equipment. It was shown from the documents we had obtained that the employers had went out and bought 10 pairs of new knee pads following our client’s accident. Whilst it would seem that it is ‘better late than never’, this equipment would have been able to prevent our client’s injury if they had been supplied from the start of his employment.


After we had provided this evidence and the witness statements, the defendant’s representatives then conceded that they were to blame for the accident. After negotiations we were able to resolve this case before it got to trial, securing compensation which our client could use to move on from the accident and buy specialist items to help with his injury.