Dental injury is often overlooked when personal injury claims come to mind. However, the cost of treating a dental injury claims is often very steep. We set out to help clients who have sustained injuries to their teeth through  no fault of their own and aim to get settlements for them which will take care of those hefty bills.


Our client in this case was a young lady who was working in a retail store. She was walking along one of the aisles when a co-worker holding a scanner turned and hit her in the face with it. She suffered from neck injury as a result and two of her teeth were knocked loose. The dental injury proved to be the most concerning, as the neck injury had healed fully within a couple of months. Due to the impact, her teeth had altered positions and one became very sensitive to cold. This meant that drinking anything cold was out of the question as it would cause considerable pain.


The medical expert we had instructed to compile a report recommended that she see a dental specialist to assess the damage and what could be done. Once the specialist had examined our client, he provided his opinion that she would require expensive dental treatment. This included orthodontics to bring her teeth back into line as they were wearing away. The cost of treating the dental injury would be £3,500. This was obviously a lot of money, especially for our young client.


We negotiated with the insurers of the retail store and managed to obtain a settlement of £8,000 for our client. This included the sum of £3,500 for her to undergo the dental work she would otherwise have been unable to afford. We were delighted to have helped our client gain compensation to help her recover from her dental injuries and get her smile back.