Acting for a Flintshire factory worker we were successful in securing a sizeable award as compensation for his leg injury at work. Our client was transporting equipment from one side of the factory to the other when a large piece of metal work equipment fell onto the back of his leg.

Upon investigation it was discovered that the large metal sheet had been stacked by another work colleague who had placed it in a near vertical position. This lack of “angle” caused the sheet to topple over and fall stricking our client’s calf as it did sol.

Fortunately our client only sustained a soft tissue injury to his lower leg. Had the sheet toppled earlier then he may have sustained a very serious head injury.

In this case we established that the previous worker who badly stacked the sheet was negligent and breached his duty of care to other workers by not ensuring that the work equipment was left in a safe condition. In law we can then establish that the employer is “vicariously liable” for the negligence. This just means it is the employer not the other worker who is responsible for paying compensation although this eventually came from their insurers.

Factory accidents in Flintshire are thankfully quite rare as a lot of local companies have improved their health and safety standards considerably. Sadly though when workplace accidents happen they often lead to serious injuries.