A client of ours suffered a traumatic fall at work when he plunged 16 feet on to the concrete ground. Whilst he was lying unconscious on the ground, he was hit across the back with a wooden joist which had also fallen. The next thing he remembered was waking up in hospital. He had broken his back, broken his left arm and five ribs, dislocated his left shoulder and suffered injuries to his head and chest. A plate was inserted into his back to stabilise his spine and he was told he was lucky to be able to walk. He spent 6 weeks in hospital before being discharged in a body brace.


The client’s employer was found guilty of safety breaches which led to this accident at work. The Health and Safety Executive successfully prosecuted them, the court finding his employers guilty of breaching the Health and Safety at Work etc Act, the Working at Height Regulations and RIDDOR (which are regulations on reporting an accident).


Our client was out of work for a considerable amount of time due to his fall at work. When he finally returned (working through an agency), he was only able to undertake lighter work on a part-time basis due to his back injury. This was judged to be a permanent situation by an independent medical expert.


The defendants in this case continued to allege until the very end that our client had somehow contributed to his fall at work. This was especially ludicrous given that the company had already been found guilty of gross safety breaches by the court.


We put in an enormous amount of work on this case and were delighted to help our client obtain a settlement of over £96,000. As experienced personal injury solicitors we weren’t fazed by the conduct of the defendant’s insurer in this case and managed to help our client get the compensation he deserved.