A fall from height is an accident which can cause serious injury; the amount of people who suffer major or life threatening injuries caused by a fall from height is staggering. These accidents have amongst the highest fatality rate of accidents at work according to statistics from the Health and Safety Executive.


People who work regularly on ladders, cranes and scaffolding are particularly at risk from this sort of accident. We acted for a client recently who experienced something of a ‘lucky escape’ with regards to his injuries caused by a fall from height at work.


Our client was working on a ladder fitting frames. He and his colleagues had previously fitted three of these frames with our client footing the ladder. When it came to the fourth, it was our client who climbed the ladder instead. Unfortunately, his colleague failed to foot the ladder and it slipped.


Our client fell from fifteen feet, but was luckily able to catch hold of a bar to slow his fall. He landed heavily on one foot, rupturing his Achilles tendon. The foot required surgery to repair and our client was left in a foot cast for three weeks, followed by a specialised boot.


Due to the physical nature of our client’s work, his fall at work forced him to remain off work for five months following the accident. He was also severely restricted outside of work during his recovery. He was unable to do many things around the house and was obviously unable to drive. The combination of his loss of earnings and compensation for the care and assistance provided to him by his wife made up a large part of his claim.


We managed to settle this claim for a fall from height claim at work for £16,000. We’re thankful both that we were able to get an excellent settlement for our client and that he was able to avoid becoming even more seriously injured.