As specialists in personal injury we have seen all types of accidents on the roads, acting for injured pedestrians as well as drivers and passengers. Pedestrians can be injured severely due to their lack of protection compared to those in vehicles. In this case we acted for a man injured while in the course of his job directing traffic at road works. Our client was performing his duties when a lorry reversed out from behind him and knocked him to the ground. The lorry continued to reverse and our client was struck by the differential underneath the vehicle. Luckily he managed to roll out between the wheels after the lorry started moving forwards, but not before sustaining severe injuries.


Our client was lifted from the scene in an air ambulance. He had suffered a broken collarbone, a shattered scapula, bruised ribs, an injured foot, kidney damage and a bruised lung; this caused him to be hospitalized for 5 days. A report was prepared by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), who came to the conclusion that our client would likely not have been injured if the correct safety protocols had been in place. It found that the lorry had not been guided by a qualified worker and was instead manoeuvring solely on the judgement of its driver.


We fought for our client to receive compensation that accurately reflected the severity of his injuries. During the course of negotiations, the other side’s solicitors alleged that the accident was partly down to our client and intended to reduce his payout by 20%. This was obviously untrue and we eventually defeated their argument, as they conceded and agreed to pay the full 100%. This stresses the importance of having quality legal representation on your side. As we had the expertise and experience to deal with this allegation, we managed to prevent a sizeable deduction being made to our client’s total damages and he accepted an award of £20,000 in compensation.