Kitchens in restaurants are by their very nature dangerous places. Knives, boiling water and greasy floors all pose danger of accidental injury at work for the chefs, waiters and kitchen staff. This case was  a very common kitchen injury case that led to a reasonable award for our client.

Kitchen staff are normally engaged on minimum wage and so when injured they could not bring a legal action unless their legal fees are dealt with on a cost free basisi. We were able to act for this client on a no win no fee basis where we could pursue his case and only be paid if we won with our costs being met by the losing party.

This is a great system and we are proud that we can use our expertise as work accident claim solicitors with the client safe in the knowledge that they will not have to pay our costs should the case not be successful.

This lovely client whilst working in a kitchen in a fast food take away sustained a burn from hot fat causing a blistering burn injury to his forearm. Fortunately the burn was only superficial and recovered quickly with appropriate use of creams and did not lead to any long term scarring or loss of feeling.

The compensation we recovered meant a lot to our low paid worker who would not have been able to recover anything were it not for the no win no fee system. We are proud to be able to provide access to justice for workers injured in the workplace.