Ring avulsion is something we see when dealing with accidents at work. Ring avulsion happens when a ring catches against something and is followed by a sharp pulling motion. The risk of this is particularly high when the victim is working with some kind of machinery, such as a lathe.


The injuries sustained from this have the potential to be horrendous. The injuries can range from a sprain or laceration all the way to amputation. This is why it is so important to have the correct safety procedures at work. Protective equipment, guidelines and safe practice can help prevent ring avulsion injuries from occurring.


We dealt with a client whose ring avulsion injury was no mere finger sprain. He was at work moving plywood sheeting from the roof of his van. No safety equipment had been provided and there were no regulations in place regarding the wearing of rings. It’s typical in this kind of work that employees are asked to either remove or cover their rings with tape, but this was not the case in this situation and our client wasn’t made aware. As there were no stepladders provided, our client had to reach up on to the roof whilst standing on the side of the cab to move the sheets.

 Injury at Work

Unfortunately, the ring on his little finger was caught whilst reaching up to pull down the sheeting and his finger was severely damaged. Whilst doctors at the hospital tried to save as much of the finger as they could, the ring avulsion injury was too extensive. The finger was almost totally lost, as it had to be amputated below the first joint.


We instructed an orthopaedic expert with a specialism in hand injuries to compile the medical report in this case. We decided on this so that we could obtain the most accurate prognosis and valuation for our client’s ring avulsion injury. Thankfully, our client was making as best a recovery as he could in light of his injury.


We achieved an excellent settlement in this case, which included compensation for our client’s damaged ring.