Despite the fact that the law in relation to accidents at work has made claiming more difficult this case shows that the simplest preventative measures taken by an employer could have prevented a painful injury to an employee.

Our client worked for one of the big supermarkets and sustained a wrenching injury to his lower back. As a young man he recovered quickly and had a prognosis of around nine months of symptoms from accident.

Many employees sustain wrenching injuries when using trolleys and cages in the workplace. These are essential for transporting products onto the shopfloor but often they have small hard wheels which are very susceptible to jam in minor defects in the surface.

In this case our client was wheeling a heavy cage often seen in supermarkets when the wheels became wedged in a small pot hole. As our client continued to pull the trolley it toppled over causing a work related back injury.

A simple inspection of the surface of the warehouse would have revealed this obvious danger and the very minor cost of repair could have prevented this claim. It is a shame that the employers only dealt with removing the danger after our client’s successful injury claim but as is often the case he has the benefit of knowing his colleagues will not suffer the same fate.