In what can only be described as a truly horrifying accident at work our North Wales accident client lost three fingers on his non dominant hand

Our client worked in a small factory that manufactured windows and was cutting lengths of wood using a band saw on a steel bench. The serious work injury was sustained due to a defective machine that trapped his fingers between the wood and the edge of the steel bench he was working on.

Despite initial attempts the fingers were crushed beyond any useful repair and our client had to face the double trauma of having to consent to the removal of the three fingers seriously damaged in the accident at work.

One of the troubling issues in this case was the fact that shortly after the accident, and maybe even because of it, the company our client was working for at the time of his finger amputation accident went into liquidation.

As personal injury lawyers we always look to establish that the employer had insurance so that we can be sure our client will be paid for any award we secure. We were told by the Managing Director on the phone that there was no insurance as the premium had not been paid.

We refused to give in and waited until the liquidator had control of all the company’s papers. We then obtained a court order to inspect those documents and after trawling through bank statements found a payment to a well known insurance company. Using this information we approached the insurers and found that a policy was in place to cover our client’s accident at work claim.

It turned out that purely out of cruel spite the Managing Director had tried to defeat our client’s rightful claim.

We were delighted to have worked so hard to achieve a fantastic result for a very deserving work accident client.