We acted for a great client from Ellesmere Port who first contacted us having hear Mark Lampkin on his weekly legal advice show on Dee 106.3 Chester’s radio station.

Our client was very seriously injured in a bizarre accident at work where he broke both his arms and was knocked unconscious when a lorry tyre exploded causing him injury.

Employed by an international company our client was injured at work when he was engaged to repair a lorry tyre. As a commercial vehicle tyre fitter our client was trained to a high standard and had strict procedures to follow. Often large haulage companies would have arrangements with tyre fitting  businesses whereby the company would   not only supply the tyres but would also replace the wheels as well. On this occasion our client identified that a wheel needed replacing and so took another used wheel from stock.

He didn’t realise that the wheel in stock was actually defective in that the rim had been “flattened”. This was not apparent to the naked eye and eventually was only discovered when inspected by an engineer. The tyre which was tubeless was put on the metal wheel and in order for a seal to be established an air cannon had to be used. This releases a sudden gust of air to pop the tyre onto the rim for subsequent inflation.

Whilst carrying out this operation  our client had both arms over the wall of the lorry tyre. As the wheel was defective the wall “exploded” over the rim and smashed both of his arms and knocked him backwards across his workplace.

Despite serious fractures to both arms, our client made an excellent recovery from what can only be described as a horrifying and extremely serious accident at work. In the course of our research we discovered that world wide only 27 such incidents had ever been recorded by the company, however we were shocked to learn that of those 26 people actually died. The engineers in the case said that the tyre walls could explode with the speed of a bullet hence the severe consequences.

Although traumatised by how close he came to death from an accident at work our client made a great recovery and had given us a wonderful testimonial which now appears on our website where all our testimonials are real.